Emma's Music Tuition also run one-off workshops for events and holiday clubs as well as providing entertainment for parties. 
A recent workshop was called "Music and Murder" for Codswallop CIC's Tales Told Festival 2019 which was based on the theme Crooks and Criminals.
At this workshops the main focus was 'Thriller Music'. Each child was given a worksheet where they had to come up with a story which had three parts: beginning, middle and end.
The three sections of their story then had to incorporate a different 'Thriller Music Technique' such as false-climax, dynamic changes or rapid rhythm increase. Once they had filled out their worksheet the fun began, that meant that they could use any instrument in the room to bring their story to life. We had some brilliant performances and everyone left feeling VERY happy!
Another workshop was generously funded by The Labour Party; through their funding, Emma's Music Tuition was able to run a three hour workshop on music-making without having to charge a fee.
Most of the children who attended this workshop had never played an instrument before so it meant that they could explore music, the different sounds and create their own masterpiece! Our youngest student was just 3 years old and ADORED having a go at making up her own pieces.
This workshop also achieved the aim of raising the importance of ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE arts for ALL. The workshop was filmed and later appeared on the BBC new program 'Look North'. Interviews were also conducted and Diane Abbott (the UK's FIRST black MP) came along to show her support.
"Dan was so inspired with you at the theatre.. and would love to come to you for lessons".
Most recently, Emma's Music Tuition has begun supplying entertainment for parties. Song-writing, band creating, experimenting with instruments and planning a performance are just some of the activities available for hire.
Only a month ago, Emma provided the activities for a 1st birthday celebration. The children were between 7 months and 4 years! Emma went along with a heap of instruments, bluetooth speaker and comfy pillows/blankets. The children loved exploring and making sounds with the instruments and then after an hour of playing, Emma created a big circle and the group sang nursery rhymes and other songs together.
If you would like to book Emma's Music Tuition for a workshop then please visit our booking page HERE. Workshop prices vary depending on the event and age group required, however our basic rate is £30.00 for an hour's workshop.