We have put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the information you need here, send us a message! All messages are answered within 24 hours or try our live chat box for a quicker response.

"Where Are Lessons Based?"

Lessons are held at Emma's house in Yeadon, LS19. Address will be disclosed once lessons are arranged. Her house is on the number 33 bus route and is easily accessible.
Wednesday groups and lessons are held at Guiseley Theatre, LS20.

"Who Can Access Lessons?"

ANYONE can learn at Emma's Music Tuition! The starting age for individual lessons is 4 years old. However, younger children can attend any of the workshops Emma's Music Tuition runs, so keep an eye on social media for any up-coming events! Adults are also welcome; whether you are 6 or 66, age will-not limit your chance to learn music.

"How Long Are Lessons?"

For beginners, sessions are 30 minutes. This is the recommended time for tuition as longer lessons can become overwhelming, hindering focus and attention; this is especially important in younger students.
Longer sessions are available to older/more experienced players, however an assessment is necessary to decide if a longer session will suit your needs. Emma's Music Tuition wants EVERYONE to have fun when they learn music, it should NEVER feel like a chore!

"What If I Have A Disability?"

Emma's Music Tuition will never discriminate. Disabilities should not limit your chance to learn and enjoy music so make sure you speak to Emma about your concerns so that an assessment can be carried out to cater for your specific needs. One student of Emma's is dyslexic and struggles to read music; upon working with the student, it became apparent that colour-coding made things so much more clear. Emma has re-arranged all her music into colours to help the student and now there is nothing holding them back. Do not hesitate to talk to us!

What Did You Enjoy About The Workshop?

"I enjoyed the general vibe of the place, everyone was having fun with no one left out. It is also a good experience for someone like me, who aspires to be a musician."


What Would You Change About The Workshop?

"Honestly, very little. All I would say is the frequency of these to give young people as much experience as possible for the art of music!"

- Jamie, aged 11