Having studied music from the age of 12, Emma is a classically trained saxophonist/musician whose passion lies within the healing and positive powers of music through composition, song-writing and playing.

Emma has had a desire to teach from an early age, attending a Young Music Leader training course and teaching 3-5 year old children, whilst at school. In addition, Emma had the opportunity to go to Durban, South Africa, with LYJRO (Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra). She helped lead groups in singing and playing music whilst being educated with the cultural differences within  music. 

In 2017, Emma was invited to study in Alencon, France, alongside notable musicians such as Jerome Laran. She also took part in a masterclass led by Claude Delangle, known to 'stand out as the master of French saxophone'. 

"Emma is a musician with a wide range of skills. I have heard Emma play various styles of music on soprano, alto and tenor saxophone to a very high standard. As a member of LYJRO, she played lead alto and tenor and I noticed she has a superb music reading ability and was always prepared to take solos. Emma also showed her ability to take a leading role in musical workshops when the band toured in S.Africa. She communicated with the young children in the Township area and clearly felt she could make their lives better through music." - Brendan Duffy, Director of LYJRO

After studying at Leeds College of Music, Emma dedicated her time fully to setting up her own, tiny music school. Drawing on the knowledge she learnt from almost 10 years of learning and performing, Emma began to create workshop formats and tailored lesson plans to suit every need for any individual.

- "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks" - 


Beginning January 2020, due to obtaining a bursary, Emma is beginning a course in Song Therapy, where she will be recognised as a Certified Song Therapist with Complementary Health Professionals UK, once she has passed. Emma is also planning on taking her DipABRSM in Classical Saxophone Performance, with a view to take on further performance training. All whilst building up her music school and reaching as many people as possible with the power of music.

I loved that even though I couldn't play an instrument before this club, I was able to learn and be part of a performance!


I enjoyed playing in

a group of people

and trying new 


I wouldn't change

a thing!


I loved playing in 

a band and making

our own music!


I think Emma should

do more clubs like this,

they are so much 



I enjoyed exploring

all of the different

genres of music!