Emma's Music Tuition is an award-winning, private music school that prides itself on being accessible and affordable, to all.

Founded by classically trained saxophonist, Emma Illingworth, the music tuition service provides one-to-one lessons to anyone who wants to learn. In addition, she runs groups and workshops with no entry requirements, other than a love for music. 

Most recently, Emma was shortlisted for Young Business Owner Of The Year at The British Business Awards 2019.


Commended for her love of sharing music, as well as her determination to create a community filled with music, Emma was given the prestigious title at the award ceremony in London, October 30th.


"This year's Young Business Owner has used their setback to propel themselves in a direction of giving back and building a community around music, for those who previously would not have been able to access this. The award goes to: Emma Illingworth from Emma's Music Tuition!"

Young Business Owner Of The Year - The British Business Awards 2019